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The Earth is Art, the photographer is only a witness,

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth from Above


Photography is not my profession, it's my passion. Through my long career in I.T. and databases, I've been fortunate to travel extensively around the world. Through these travels I've met amazing people, seen incredible places, witnessed the world changing, and become thoroughly addicted to nature. Travel is now a permanent part of my life: although I love being home, I can't wait to plan my next adventure and experience more of what nature offers the world.
It was SCUBA diving that really sealed my fate. I started shooting slide film underwater in 1997 and I fell in love with the complexities of shooting underwater and preserving images of the magical creatures I saw. Ultimately though, these fascinating critters keep me inspired to learn more about their habitat, document what I see, and understand how we can live in harmony with them. There are so many problems impacting nature and the environment; I hope that my images, blog posts, and references will inspire you to learn more about the natural world in which you live and the problems affecting it.
Incredible beauty is all around you; take the time to notice it.
Thanks for sharing in my adventures,
Kimberly L. Randal
Photographer, Blue Water Images
(aka @Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills)

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olej konopny cbd biokonopia(non-registered)
olej konopny cbd biokonopia
Vanessa Himmes(non-registered)
Kimberly these are amazing! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs with us.
Really amazing photos!
Alvaro Costa(non-registered)
I know you from the SQL community, but I didn't know about your passion for photography. Your pics are great!! Keep up this great work.
Paul and Ilze(non-registered)
Was privilege enough to join Kim and Paul ... and Jon on our trip to Japan in 2013. What a joyful experience it was .. Was freezing cold and we had great fun... Walking a few kilometers with all our laggage and gear to the snow monkeys, get caught in a snowstorm and many more... Can tell great stories !! Was real great fun ...
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