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Coral Cuttle

Coral Cuttle

Broadclub cuttlefish (Sepia latimanus)

Date taken: January 14, 2012 at 8:31am
Dive site: Bird Wall, Waigeo Island, N. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Broadclub cuttlefish are one of the larger cephalopods and as a result, they don't seem to rush off quite as quickly as many others. But, I think they also rely on their camouflage capabilities that hide them from many critters (especially when the fish is looking UP; they blend in with the shimmering water above). What I think they might fail to realize is that I'm not below them. So, while many critters looking up can't see them - we most certainly can. But, still, they often just stay still. This one was doing a terrible job trying to "blend" in with a branching coral that it looks nothing like. (I soooo wish we could communicate with them because I'd absolutely LOVE to know what it's thinking.)

So...I don't know if it just didn't care (re: size). Or, it thought I couldn't see it (re: camo). Whatever the case, it hung out for a while and I was able capture a bunch of shots of this guy!

Back in 2012, this was only my 9th dive in Raja Ampat and I was already hooked; what an amazingly diverse and rich area for marine critters. Definitely another one to add to your dive "bucket list" if you're keeping one!

My iNaturalist observation: 5103740
Wikipedia: Sepia_latimanus